Your Very First Auto Insurance Quote

You are now 18 years old and you just got the job of your dreams. You are now financially independent from your parents and they no longer pay for your auto insurance. The bills are now in your name. Welcome to the wonderful world of being an adult. So, you finally bought your first brand new car. As required by law, you need to get yourself auto insurance. Add this to the large pile of bills you already receive in the mailbox. But how do you get it and how do you know if you are getting a great deal? Remember that you could be tied with your auto insurance company for at least a year. That is a lifetime if you are paying a high premium rate. The first step is to get an auto insurance quote. With just a couple clicks you can be well on your way to great savings. You must compare in order to find out which company offers the best deal for you.

Let’s rewind first. Go back to before you got several auto insurance quotes. Look at the car you just bought, is it a sports car? If it is, then the insurance people call it a “high risk vehicle” and if you do have a high risk vehicle, expect to pay a higher premium. If you can turn back the hands of time, keep it in mind to buy a smart and sensible car. Now to add to being smart and sensible, it is best for your car to have a lot of safety features, air bags, anti lock breaks, etc. These safety features lower your insurance premium.

Now that you are ready to buy your auto insurance compare the quotes you got from all the insurance companies. You need to know that there are 4 basic kinds of coverage you can get from your insurance policy. They are liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured driver. Depending upon the state you live, some states make it mandatory that you have liability and uninsured driver coverage. Depending upon your needs, if you are the type of driver who would damage a parked car in the parking lot, then you need to have collision coverage as it pays for accidents that are your fault. If you live in a tornado state or your neighborhood that has a very high crime rate, then make sure you get the comprehensive policy that pays for theft, disaster and fire. If you were in an accident before and you were sentenced by a court of law to be liable for all damages to the other parties car and medical costs of the passengers, then make sure you get liability coverage this time. Uninsured motorist coverage is when the other party at fault has no auto insurance or money to pay you.

Once you have decided which insurance company, don’t forget to review your policy and get more auto insurance quotes every year just to make sure that your insurance company is fairly priced and always up to date with rates. Remember what your mom and dad have always told you, don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.