How Do Points Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

How much is auto insurance? Compare Direct Auto Insurance Quotes online The confusion about points however is that auto insurance companies use an “insurance score” to determine your risk level and not just points issued by the DMV. Points are just one variable which can adversely affect the cost of automobile insurance. What are driver’s […]

Your Very First Auto Insurance Quote

You are now 18 years old and you just got the job of your dreams. You are now financially independent from your parents and they no longer pay for your auto insurance. The bills are now in your name. Welcome to the wonderful world of being an adult. So, you finally bought your first brand […]

Affordable Auto Insurance For New Yorkers

Amongst the top five most expensive states is New York. Is there hope of lower rates for New York residents? For anyone anxious for ways to get a more affordable auto insurance coverage in New York, I will try to offer some suggestions. You would likely have thought of taking a lower coverage. A liability […]

How to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Online

The first decision is normally how much of a deductible you intend to have; this can range from as low as zero all the way up to a thousand dollars. The deductible is the amount of money that you will be responsible for when filing a claim before the insurance will pay anything. In other […]